How to Maximize Local Bay Area SEO

Local SEO now is a big thing in internet marketing regarding local business. Even multi-national companies also use the local SEO for certain reasons like maybe they want to expand their company to the certain area and develop local branding to gain more profits. Some areas have their own agencies. If you live in Bay Area, you may have a business and you want to grow it through internet marketing. Indeed, there are many ways you can use to boost your traffic, customers or even sales. You can pay ad on Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube, but is it worth for local business? There is nothing useless if you can maximize your local Bay Area SEO. You can maximize it, you can also hire the SEO agency to ensure that the money you spend will be worth spent. If you want to start from the bottom, you still have a chance to maximize local Bay Area SEO with your own times. Here are the ways:

  1. Register to Google My Business

You only need to have Google mail account to register. You will be asked to fill all of the forms and you have to submit without any exception. You may need a fast internet connection to get the precise location from Google Maps.

  1. Wait for the verification

When you have been sure that you have submitted all of the data asked by Google, you will get a notification that you just need to wait for the verification PIN to come to your address and you need to submit the PIN to Google My Business. You will get notification again after the submission of PIN

  1. Post information about your business no matter it is on a blog or Google My Business to ensure that your business exists. The more information you make will make your Local Bay Area SEO better. No matter the information in form of blog post or video.

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